Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Issue

It's been a sad month in Jun, hope can settle it within the same month... however it drag... hope again to settle by Jul. Just wondering, how to have a balance within family and dog? which side should it be? It is worth it to start a fight just because of a dog? Where is all the communication? Where is all the 'be a good sample for the youngster'? Too many question but not a single answe

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hong Kong Trip

I must be lucky to be back from Hong Kong just in 2 weeks time (My Hk trip from 18/04/09 till 21/04/09 with my cousins and friend). Can't imagine if the outbreak happen just 2 weeks earlier. But i must admit that there are so much fun during the trip, nice food, nice scenery... everything nice! Although it is my first time there but everything is just so familiar for a Hong Kong drama fans like me since young time, haha. Not to mention that this is the first time that all expenses are bear by myself!

My first day in Hong Kong with all the sudden rain and strong wind! Since it is our first day so we are still happy, haha. So we start our journey and with all the rain and strong wind.

Our first spot is of course the famous arena of star where you find find all the hand print of all the super star... well almost all the super star!

We are lucky to catch the HK film award event ... on preparation!

The big clock that every one told me that i must be there if i am in HK, so... here it comes... the big clock!

Second day is mostly the family day, we get to meet and great my relative in HK and to yum cha with them. There are so warm and with good hospitality, nice family, i hope we can meet more often in future.

Our next journey is the Wong Tai Xin temple - the most famous temple in HK.

I saw this temple many time in previous HK drama and this is the first time i see the real one.

金紫荆广场is our next spot, a place where full with tourist and a place to remember when Hk return to China in 1997.

Before we go to the Peak (太平山) we stop by at the HSBC building and get a chance to see the gathering of all Indon Maid and Philipino maid in Hong Kong on Sunday.

I meet Einstein!... in wax! The wax museuam in the Peak! As a physic student, it has been hornour to meet him! haha.

The most beautiful picture i ever take in Hong Kong... The Hong Kong Night Scenery! Really can't forget about it!

Our second day end at Lan Kwai Fong without a beer~!

Our heart already in Disneyland during our third day, but first let's go to the big Buddha fist! and thanks to Disneyland, i manage to get in the 20 minuites cable car across the sea and mountain to go to see the big Buddha, haha.

The finally our main destination.............................Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The begining

Blogging trend has been started long long time ago, but just lazy to start from me! But seeing friends and family start 'upgrading' themself, make me feels slow and low. So here i come, my journey begin today!!