Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Issue

It's been a sad month in Jun, hope can settle it within the same month... however it drag... hope again to settle by Jul. Just wondering, how to have a balance within family and dog? which side should it be? It is worth it to start a fight just because of a dog? Where is all the communication? Where is all the 'be a good sample for the youngster'? Too many question but not a single answe

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  1. 人生就是矛盾的游乐场...前辈、长辈、后辈,都是拥有通俗人性的人,出现了这样一个局面,最终还是得有个方案解决。唯,我们后辈无能为力的呐喊--尊重,静观其变。